The Dreaded Autumn Shed

Hello Lash Loves! It’s that time of year again and the Autumn Lash Shed season is upon us. On average, we lose 1-4 lashes per day, however this is the time of year when your hair sheds more then average, and that includes your lashes. Why does this happen? Our hair (including lashes) protects from the sun and when the seasons change and we are subject to less exposure from the sun, our bodies compensate for that by shedding hair. If you have animals, you’ll see this phenomenon by the amount of fur on your furniture and floors. It’s the same in humans. In order for our body to produce hair, it must pump blood to those cells. In the winter, our immunity is lower due to the lack of Vitamin D (provided naturally by sunlight) so our bodies will divert the blood flow to our major organs instead of our hair which we no longer really need.

So what can you do as a Lash Technician during this season? Talk to your clients about this time of year. Let them know that they may experience shedding so they will be prepared, and get them in more frequently for fill ins. That will help alleviate the calls you will get saying “all my lashes fell out”, “you didn’t do a good job” etc. Since there is a lot of shedding (mostly adult lashes), you will see more baby lashes. Use a thinner thickness lash or, for volume lashes, drop the dimension of fans. If you have a client that is experiencing massive shedding, this may be an ideal time for them to take a break from lashes. This is also a perfect time to discuss the importance of after care. We suggest washing at least twice daily with our Lash Bath Foaming Lash Extension Cleanser. This product is designed to wash away dirt and oils that contribute bad retention.

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