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#1 Lash Glue in the Industry - Girl Next Door Lash Extension Adhesive

by Michelle Rath on July 15, 2022

✨Have you heard?  Lash artists are tripling their retention with this #1 lash glue that sets in 1 second and has a hold time of up to 8 weeks.

Best Selling Lash Glue

Sinful Lashes Girl Next Door lash glue is our best seller.  This lash glue is insanely strong with an up to 8-week retention.

This is the "secret weapon" lash glue professional lash artists are using. Their clients can't believe how long their lash extension sets last.  

✔️ Lash artists are doubling their lashing speed with this lash glue. 

✔️ Works in all humidities and temperature. 

✔️ NO more waiting 24 hours for clients to get their lashes wet. 

✔️ Water, sweat and oil resistant. 

 Our lash glues are all clean medical and beauty grade, with no industrial additives ensuring the health of your clients and lash artists alike. 


#1 Lash Glue in the Industry


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