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How to Deal with No Shows for Lash Extension Appointments

by Michelle Rath on July 20, 2022
How to Deal with No Shows for Lash Extension Appointments

We all have no shows for lash extensions appointments. That one client who makes the appointment but is either always late or, worse yet ... NO SHOWS!

You're getting your supplies ready, sanitizing from the last appointment and you get a text "Hey! I'm running 5 minutes late". That 5 minutes sometimes turns into not showing up at all.

Here's how you deal with late clients or no shows for lash extension appointments:

  1. Make sure your "late policy" and "no show policy" are on your lash extensions consent form and have the client initial it and sign the form on their first visit. If you can, send it to them prior to their first visit. This is a verbal and written contract between you and the client

  2. Have a "lash extension booking system" in place so that you can card capture the "booking fee" (hold that thought) and when it sends the confirmation explain the booking fee is to hold the appointment and is non refundable. It can be transferred if their appointment is cancelled within 24-48 hours. You make the decision on timeline for that. 

  3. If a client disputes a "deposit" for non rendered lash extension services, often the credit card company will side with the client. If it is a booking fee, they are more apt to side with the business. Make sure that the booking fee is the MINIMUM you need to make for your hourly rate. If it is 50% or more of the cost of the appointment and the service is not performed the credit card company will likely side with the client. 

  4. Make sure your booking system sends out automated notifications that include "read receipts". Schedule these notifications (typically text) to go out when they schedule the appointment, when their appointment is coming up and a confirmation of their appointment. It's so easy to do and most booking systems have this feature. 

  5. Social Media is a great way to communicate your policies, especially regarding no shows for lash extension appointments. Many clients find us through Social Media (Instagram, Facebook etc). Use LinkTree or LinkPop to link to your policy page, or simply include it in your bio. I know this seems crazy, but some clients don't realize that we cannot rebook an appointment easily and that time to us = money. Just a well written reminder keeps the client informed and helps our businesses run smoothly. 

Hope this helps and please follow us on Instagram for more Lash 411! 

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