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    Hybrid Lash Extension Kit

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    The Hybrid Eyelash Extension Kit

    Purchased separately, this kit retails for $ 310.00.

    Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extension kits are the perfect kit for beginner lash artists, whether you are doing Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Mega Volume or Hybrid Lashes (this kit). We also have a kit for Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination. Each kit is product rich, while maintaining affordability. Sinful Lashes has designed all of our kits around what we know an up and coming Lash Artist need.

    The 411

    • Sterilized PBT Material - We have sourced the highest quality PBT materials in the industry ensuring not only that your sets will be beautiful but they are safe! 
    • True Matte Black
    • Soft Feel to the touch
    • Lightweight to promote the safety and health of the natural lash
    • Curls that do not fall flat between fills with better retention - No Fillers or Air blown into the hair
    • Superior Quality at an Affordable Price


    • For Professional Use Only*
    • Formaldehyde and Latex Free
    • Medical and Beauty Grade Cyanoacrylates (no industrial additives)
    • Low Fumes
    • All Sinful Lashes adhesives are all low fume, formaldehyde and latex free and will completely cure (dry) 95% within 10 minutes.

    The Good Stuff
    Hybrid Eyelash Extension Kit Contents:

    • Sinful Lashes Volume Mix Tray C.7
    • Sinful Lashes Classic Matte Mix Tray C.15
    • Sinful Lashes Volume Mix Tray CC.7
    • Sinful Lashes Classic Matte Mix Tray CC.15
    • Sinful Lashes Volume Mix Tray D.7
    • Sinful Lashes Classic Matte Mix Tray D.15
    • Girl Next Door Adhesive 5ml
    • Sinful Lashes Tweezer – The Marilyn
    • Sinful Lashes Tweezer – The Rita
    • Sinful Lashes Tweezer - Mae
    • Hydrogel Eye Pads (1 pack)
    • 3m Paper Tape (1 roll)
    • Sinful Lashes Lash Primer
    • Sinful Lashes Lash Cleaner
    • Sinful Lashes Cream Remover - NEW AND IMPROVED
    • Fan Perfecting Cups (1 pack/25)
    • Micro Brushes (100)
    • Reusable Mascara Wands (1 pack/25)


    Please note: product changes or substitutions cannot be made in this kit. One of each product, as listed, is included in each kit

    *Items may vary based on Availability

    Sinful Lashes Professional Eyelash Extension Products and Kits are intended for certified lash professionals! If you would like eyelash extension training check out our courses HERE