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Private Label Lash Extension Supplies by Sinful Lashes

by Michelle Rath on October 09, 2021

Sinful Lashes Private Label Lash Extension Supplies are perfect if:

You've always dreamed of starting your own lash extension brand but thought it was out of reach?

Purchase our Lash Bath One and Done Botanical Wash for resale to your lash extension clients?

You are you a lash artist who already has your own brand and are trying to gain brand recognition without a huge investment in money, time and energy doing all the research and development necessary to find a product that compares? 

If this is you, Sinful Lashes Private Label Lash Extension Supplies is the perfect solution.

Presenting Private Label by Sinful Lashes.  We’ve done all the research and development so you don’t have to! 

Our after care lash extension products are items you are already selling so why not make them your own?!

The private label lash extension supplies process is simple:

  • Choose quantity (as low as 20 units)
  • Choose your product
  • Choose quantity and label color (or upgrade to the premium gloss labels*) 
  • Place your order and we will contact you for your logo and send a proof for approval prior to printing! 

That’s it! Your branded product will be shipped to you according to the time schedule on the product pages.

Private label lash extension supplies quantities start as low as 20 units (the lowest quantity purchase in the industry) and are priced to maximize profit and minimize initial out of pocket expense. 

Example of potential profit from our Aftercare Line (Lash Bath, Lash Sealer, Lashcara)

20 units – $ 260.00 minimum resale for $ 24.99 per unit $ 239.80 profit per order
30 units – $ 382.50 minimum resale for $ 24.99 per unit $ 367.20 profit per order
50 units – $ 625.00 minimum resale for $ 24.99 per unit $ 624.50 profit per order
100 units – $ 1,225.00 minimum resale for $ 24.99 per unit $ 1,274.00 profit per order (this is our most popular purchase because of shelf life).

For more information and answers to our most commonly asked questions, please check out our Private Label FAQ page.

If you still have questions send us an email and we will be happy to answer

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