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Barbie Lash Extension Map: Recreate Margot Robbie's Fabulous Lash Look

by Michelle Rath on August 23, 2023
Barbie Lash Extension Map


The Barbie Movie has taken the world by storm, breaking box office records and slated to take in at least $1 billion dollars. Margot Robbie was perfect casting for the lead roll of this beloved doll! To add to the excitement, a re-creation of the of the iconic Barbie lash map on Margot herself has sent fans into a styling frenzy. Let's all celebrate Barbie and dive into the details of this glamourous collaboration and we invite you to join into the celebration. 

The Barbie Lash Map

In a recent Instagram post, the Barbie team unveiled Margot Robbie sporting a stunning lash map that has captured the attention and admiration of fans world wide. We just know that your clients will want this look recreated so we have included it here. The lash map consists of two main components: spikes and base lashes. The spike lashes are numbered consecutively from 11 to15, with a unique 14th spike, following the sequence 11-12-13-14-15-14. The base lashes are numbered 9 to 11, enhancing overall lash volume and creating the classic look.

Barbie Lash Map Detailed 

Margot Robbie's Transformation

There is no question that Margot Robbie is a versatile and talented actress, from her role as Harley Quinn in the DC franchise to Nellie LaRoy in Babylon to Valerie Voze in Amsterdam she transforms herself every single time. In the Barbie Movie, she effortlessly embraced the essence of Barbie with her rendition of the iconic lash map. It perfectly complements her bold and fearless style and furthers her ability and mastery in bringing characters to life. With her mesmerizing gaze and impeccable fashion sense, Margo shines as the perfect embodiment of the Barbie spirit. 

Cheers to Margo and Her Dazzling Performance

In this moment in history, it is only fitting to raise a toast to the director, Greta Gerwig (also written by) as well as Margot Robbie and the entire cast and crew of The Barbie Movie. Her contribution, as the lead character made this best selling Mattel toy come to life in her unique world. If you haven't seen the movie, what are you waiting for?