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Eyelash Extension Lash Mapping - Wispy / Strip Set

by Michelle Rath on August 24, 2022

A "go-to" lash extension map for a great lash set - Wispy / Strip Set

Lash mapping is an eyelash extension artists bread and butter. It separates you from being a technician and elevates you into an artist. Michelle Rath is passionate about her lash mapping and has created some of the most sought-after eyelash extension looks in the industry.

Let’s start with the basics; Lash mapping is a crucial step in making sure that your eyelash extension sets come out the way your client expects them to, whether they be kitten, doe, Bambi etc. … Knowing what eyelash extension length you are placing where on the eye before you start will guarantee beautiful results. Lash mapping is kind of like the GPS in your car, you plug in a destination and your GPS shows you where to go. That’s lash mapping in a nutshell. Without mapping, you may get lost and your eyelash extension sets will reflect that.

Facial and eye shape assessment is pivotal in the lash mapping process. It helps to determine what style will complement their eyes and overall features. Both Sinful Lashes Online Beginner Eyelash Extension Course as well as our In Person 2-Day Beginner Course provide detailed instruction on this important step.

What you’ll need for successful lash mapping 

Now you will need to divide the eye into 4 sections (as shown in the lash map below) and plan your “route”. To get you started, here’s one of our more popular lash maps to create a beautiful Wispy Set that mimics the look of false eyelash strips.

This lash map is so great because you can customize it to any length for the spikes but keep your base 3-5 sizes shorter.

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In this Wispy Set set Michelle used



Wispy Set Lash Map

Click on the photo to download the lash map!