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How to improve Eyelash Extension Retention | Sinful Lashes

by Michelle Rath on August 19, 2022

How to improve Eyelash Extension Retention


In the lash world, eyelash extension retention between appointments is the name of the game. Increasing retention not only makes your eyelash extension fills faster, but results in happier customers!

This post is going to change your lash life. 

  • Eyelash Extension Primer: most primers on the market have an alcohol base. This base is not great for most clients and not ideal in colder weather as they can strip moisture and inhibit a strong bond. We have your solution! Ready Set Go! Primer is different. It’s a vegan formula that is designed to not only remove dirt and oil but it also balances pH (acidic / alkalinity) on the natural lash which regulates humidity and moisture on the natural lash to create an instant bond!

  • Eyelash Extension Glue (adhesive): if you are using inexpensive/cheap adhesives (often purchased from Amazon) that are sitting in warehouses for months, stop. Just stop. They are industrial grade cyanoacrylate (toxic) and unreliable. You need a good, beauty and medical grade adhesive with cleaner ingredients. Sinful Lashes has done the research so you don’t have to. Our best seller, 10-1, is our Girl Next Door It works in most environments, has amazing retention and we restock twice a month. If you need something more specific, we have eyelash extension glues to meet most application environments. Download our lash adhesive chart for all our glues eyelash extension retention estimates

  • Eyelash Extension Bonder; I love our Locked and Loaded Bonder. Also a vegan formula, it will instantly cure your adhesive (so you can immediately get lashes wet!). It works from the inside out enabling your adhesive to stay soft and rubbery not brittle. This promotes prolonged retention by making it difficult to pop off prematurely. Safe to touch the skin, it also contains Hamamelis flow extract which is soothing to the skin making this a no brainer bonder for your more sensitive clients.

Eyelash Extension Retention Holy Grail

This 3 part power combo can change your eyelash extension retention by 2-3 weeks. It’s your holy grail. 

Michelle’s adhesive tip for better eyelash extension retention: use your eyes, if your adhesive is shiny, it’s wet if it’s matte, it’s dry.  Slightly matte, like 30% means you have a 70% bond and the lashes will pop off prematurely. 

🎈We private label all our adhesives.


How to improve Eyelash Extension Retention