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    Lash Lift / Brow Lamination - Wax Balm by Sinful Lashes

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      Meet the future of lash lifts and brow laminations. Say goodbye to the traditional lash lift glue and say hello to our new lash lift and brow lamination wax balm. It is sticky in a second and has a strong hold with little to no clean up necessary. Traditional lash lift glue needs time to set in order to stick the lashes to the lash lift rods, but it’s also messy. Lashes come off the rods beautifully and, with one brush, the lashes are done and client ready.

      Sinful Lashes Lash Lift and Brow Lamination wax balm does double duty and can also be used for brow lamination. Use it to shape the brows into place before you do a Brow Lamination. It not only shapes a Brows but adds a vitamin infusion to keep the brows soft and supple. 

      Traditional lash lift glues need drying time to be sticky after applying the silicone pad and is easy to slip off during use. With Sinful Lashes NEW Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Wax Balm there is no need to wait. Apply and place the lashes onto the rod immediately. The vitamin base, nourishes the hairs resulting in more supple and healthy lashes and brows.  

      Use with our Lash Lift and Brow Lamination brush for perfect application every time.


      The 411 on our Lash Lift/Brow Lamination Wax Balm

      • Hydrating Vitamin Base
      • Gentle on eyelashes and eyebrows
      • Replaces traditional lash lift glue
      • Little Residue for easy clean up
      • Enables perfect adjustment of eyelashes and eyebrow hair for flawless results


      Disclaimer Time: Each state regulates Lash Lifting services differently. It is the responsibility of the Lash Artist performing these services to be aware of what the regulations in their state are. Sinful Lashes products are intended for use by professional lash artists with proper training and certification. Sinful Lashes Academy offers courses and certifications for this process. Sinful Lashes shall be held harmless for any misuse of this product or inadequate training of lash artists performing this service. These products are not intended for home use by individuals on themselves. 

      Sinful Lashes professional lash lift supplies are intended for certified lash professionals! If you would like lash lift training check out our courses HERE 

      If you can't attend our classes in person, sign up for our Online Academy Courses HERE

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