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2021 – The Year of Your Dreams!

by Karen Crye on October 09, 2021

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I see people struggling a lot trying to build a solid business with just social media but to take your business from struggling to financial success it takes more.

Here are some tips for success in 2021.

The Foundation of any business is a plan. Without one you are just guessing your goals. You need a business plan even if it’s just a page or two of an outline of the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Branding – You need clear and consistent branding on all social media outlets. Logo, brand colors, fonts, etc. The key is to try to make it different so you stand out. Don’t feel like you need to only use pink and rose gold as brand colors because everyone else is using them.


Website Development – In our digital world, a website is how most clients (90%) will find you. It needs to be a professionally made one that has a solid SEO back end so you rank high on search engines. It needs to have your booking system linked so clients can book 24/7. It also needs to be listed manually on all search engines. Especially Bing as it’s used by so many corporations.

Social Media – Understanding how to increase your social media presence is key when you are building your business. It’s important to your business to take, edit, tag and post beautiful images, they sell you. How to talk to your ideal customers and how to reach new followers, try not to post so many 1 eye photos, the more full-face photos the more successful your reach will be. Your goal is to not be everyone’s lash artist but the lash artist for your ideal clientele. For instance, if your full sets are $250 and there is someone in your town who charges $100 you are appealing to two different types of clients, so post differently. #1 luxury, pampering, high end, etc. #2 affordable, walk ins, fast, etc.

Financial Planning – I cannot stress this enough. Without knowing your numbers, and as someone who has coached 1,000’s of artists and so many don’t, you can’t ever get ahead or expand. A solid financial plan is everything.

This type of business building is not for everyone, if you work from home part time than just social media may just be enough. But if it’s your full-time income and someday you want to build a lash bar, become a trainer or lash brand than these things become much more important. You will need to change the way you run your business to reach those goals.

2020 was a wash, so let’s dust ourselves off and make 2021 the year of our dreams.

Someone is going to; I hope it’s you!

-Michelle Rath

Owner of Sinful Lashes