The ABC’s of Eyelash Extension PBT’s

The ABC's of Eyelash Extension PBT's 1

What’s the “real tea” on eyelash extensions?

Why do some brands lose their curl, feel stiff or have poor retention? Why are some brands $6.00 and other $25.00?

Let’s break it down to the nitty gritty.

Forget about the fancy names: silk, mink, cashmere, etc., they are just marketing tools and have nothing to do with the material or quality of your lashes. This more describes the “finish” of the eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are made with a plastic fiber called PBT, Polybutylene Terephthalate. PBT is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer. It is a type of polyester, that is heated then molded into the desired lash shape that sets as it cools.

Just like any product (regardless of industry), PBT comes in a large range of qualities. High end PBT can be costly so a lot of “inexpensive” eyelash extensions will contain “cheap additives” like gasses and air to fill out the product and make it more economical for resale. That is why some eyelash extensions feel stiff and have a shiny, artificial look. Also, those additives used to bulk up the PBT can cause the PBT to be less resilient to heat causing them to lose their curl.

In addition to contributing to curl loss, Sinful Lashes adhesives, in particular, do not react well with the gas and air additives which can cause a weak and slippery bond.

Having poor retention? It may not be your adhesive; it may be as a result of cheaply made eyelash extensions full of additives!

Sinful Lashes sources it’s PBT fiber from Korea (known worldwide to have a superior product that no other country has been able to duplicate IMHO) and it’s the highest quality on the market. Then Sinful Lashes sends it to our manufacture to customize the strip, curl, etc. We literally feel like we have the highest quality lashes on the market, the softest, blackest and easiest to fan. Our lashes are made in a high-end factory with the highest sanitary and safest manufacturing conditions.

So, if Sinful Lashes uses the highest quality PBT and our manufacturer operates in a high-end factory with stringent sanitary and safety measures in place how can we still offer these quality eyelash extensions to you at the lowest prices of similar products on the market? Because we know that if you are paying $20+ a tray your ability to stay profitable and scale is decreased dramatically.

We believe in science and the science is in. High quality PBT without additives equals a superior product for look, feel and retention. That is what Sinful Lashes is a company dedicated to safe and sanitary luxe products with no animal cruelty.

And there you have it! The ABC’S of PBT’s!

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    you have really high quality eyelash extensions. love them.

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