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Let’s talk Lash Mapping!

Our Sinful Lashes Academy not only teaches you the fundamentals of eyelash extension application, we also provide many popular lash maps for you to get started on your Lash Artist Career. We try to do in-depth styling in both our beginner and advanced courses. Upcoming courses:

Straight to Volume: August 4-6 and September 9-11
1-Day Beginner Volume: August 14
1 Day Mega Volume with Celebrity Lash Mapping: August 19
1 Day Lash Lift Course: September 19

Styling tip:
Always style with the eyes open, make a dot on the lid for the center of the iris and then proceed marking your map. We use our Sinful Lashes eyeliner to mark as it washes right off with a micro brush and our lash cleaner. 
These are our beautiful premade fans. These are placed exactly like a classic lash, no volume training needed with these lashes. 
Have a styling question? Feel free to contact us at

Let's talk Lash Mapping! 1
Mapping using our Sinful Lashes Eyeliner
Let's talk Lash Mapping! 2
Sinful Lashes Eyeliner available now!
Let's talk Lash Mapping! 3
Sinful Lashes Pre-Made Fans Available Now!

Eyelash Extension Removal

In this video, the owner of Sinful Lashes, Michelle Rath, explains and demonstrates how to do a eyelash extension removal from beginning to end using our Sinful Lashes Cream Remover. This formula is specifically designed to quickly dissolve eyelash extension adhesives. The low fumes make it ideal for clients with sensitive eyes.