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Let’s talk Lash Mapping!

Our Sinful Lashes Academy not only teaches you the fundamentals of eyelash extension application, we also provide many popular lash maps for you to get started on your Lash Artist Career. We try to do in-depth styling in both our beginner and advanced courses. Upcoming courses:

Straight to Volume: August 4-6 and September 9-11
1-Day Beginner Volume: August 14
1 Day Mega Volume with Celebrity Lash Mapping: August 19
1 Day Lash Lift Course: September 19

Styling tip:
Always style with the eyes open, make a dot on the lid for the center of the iris and then proceed marking your map. We use our Sinful Lashes eyeliner to mark as it washes right off with a micro brush and our lash cleaner. 
These are our beautiful premade fans. These are placed exactly like a classic lash, no volume training needed with these lashes. 
Have a styling question? Feel free to contact us at academy@sinfullashes.com

Let's talk Lash Mapping! 1
Mapping using our Sinful Lashes Eyeliner
Let's talk Lash Mapping! 2
Sinful Lashes Eyeliner available now!
Let's talk Lash Mapping! 3
Sinful Lashes Pre-Made Fans Available Now!

What makes a good trainer?

Because this is a lucrative career and well trained artists make between 75k-150k, quality training is important to your success. There are some key things to ask yours before taking a class.

✅ How long have they been doing lashes and training. Experience = a track record of success. There is so much you need to know beyond technique. ✅ Product knowledge, contradictions, health and safety, styling and mapping and the list goes on. ✅ Look at their portfolio. Are their photos 2 hour sets or 6-10 hour sets? Ask them. Some pages will have gorgeous 6 hour sets but that’s not realistic! What can they show you as as an example for a 1.5-2 hour set because that’s all the time you will have with your clients to make a profit. While I respect the art, it’s still a business. ✅ Do they have ongoing support. Because it’s a lucrative service you need a place to ask questions after the class is over. What’s in the kit? You need a real working kit of quality products. Not cheap filler products from eBay. Our clients today are savvy and know quality lashes. You want the best from day 1. ✅ Are they versatile? Can they do a variety of styles and techniques. You will need to have versatility in your styling as you move forward in your career.

Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extension Academy (and our Certified Trainers for Sinful Lashes) provides all this and more. You will leave class with a sturdy foundation giving you all the tools you need to speak to people about the products you are using as well as technique, and a full kit of quality products from our very own Luxury Product Line to start you off. We also have a network of support for you to ask all the questions you need to ask and help you through those tough times and celebrate the victories!

Contact us via email at academy@sinfullashes.com or give us a call 818-508-6544. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our upcoming classes.

Upcoming Courses at Sinful Lashes Academy

⚜️ We now offer a Straight to Volume class for beginners. It’s our most popular class to date. It covers all the basics of product, health and safety and then gives you the tools you need to create either Classic or Volume eyelash extension sets. We have 2 course dates enrolling now – August 4-6 and September 9-11

⚜️ 1 day beginner Volume Class – August 14
⚜️ 1 Day Mega Volume class with celebrity lash mapping – August 19
⚜️ 1 Day Lash Lift Class – September 19

Or find one of our certified trainers in your area and follow them on Instagram for upcoming class dates.

Montana @nicole_sinfullashes
Nashville @the_lashologistemily
Canada @foxylashessaskatoon
South Bay Orange County @blissfulbrowsandlashes
Los Angeles @beautyfullashesla
Fresno @luxurylash_bydesi
Hawaii @mc_lash_and_brows

On August 19th 2019, Sinful Lashes Academy will be instructing on everything you need to know to create beautiful Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Sets. In addition, this course covers Celebrity eyelash extension styling as well as tips and tricks on how to take a daytime fluffy lash to a spiky night time look for added drama by using our Sinful Lashes Lash Sealer. This is a premium service that can be offered as a separate item on your eyelash extension services menu. Sinful Lashes tested our market and added Celebrity Lash Styling to our menu and booked appointments at $ 300 per set.

This course is specifically designed for the experienced eyelash artist trained in Classic Eyelash Extensions and Beginning Volume. 
You will receive a full kit of product to get you started on your Mega Volume lashes once you leave.

In this video Owner Michelle Rath demonstrates how she begins to style a set of celebrity styled eyelash extensions and speaks a little about the Mega Volume Course!

Mega Volume Course AUGUST 19 2019