Sinful Lashes Testimonials

Ahn A. regarding Lash Extensions Glendale, Ca.

Ahn A. from Glendale, Ca. writes about her Lash Extensions “I don’t know how I did it before my lashes, but I cannot go without them and I would NEVER DARE trust anyone other than Michelle with my lashes” (more…)

Kelly B. regarding Lash Extensions Studio City, Ca.

Kelly B. from Studio City, Ca. said about her Lash Extensions “I am LOVING these lashes and the up-keep is simple. ” (more…)

Petrina G. regarding her Lash Extensions Studio City, Ca.

Petrina G. from Studio City, Ca. reviewed Lash Extensions ” These ladies are painstakingly precise and careful with the lashes they do. I will never go anywhere else.” (more…)

Gina K. regarding Lash Extensions Burbank, Ca.

Gina K. from Burbank, Ca. reviewed her experience with Lash Extensions “Really awesome customer service. She (Michelle) went above and beyond my expectations and my new lashes look amazing.” (more…)

Grayce L. regarding Lash Extensions North Hollywood, Ca.

Grayce L. from North Hollywood, Ca. wrote about Lash Extensions “I’ve been getting me lashes done here for several years, and Michelle and her gals are amazing!” (more…)

Monique H. regarding Lash Extensions Burbank, Ca.

Monique H. from Burbank, Ca. reviewed her Lash Extensions ” I’ve been going to Sinful lashes for a few years now to get my lashes done and I’m completely addicted!” (more…)

Morgan H. regarding Lash Extensions Portland, Or.

Morgan H. from Portland, Or. worked as a Lash Artist in New York, NY and saw some clients from Sinful Lashes for Lash Extension fills and left a review about technique “Their lashes are always perfectly placed, well-suited to the clients’ face, perfectly isolated, and gorgeous. They do extensions right- the way” (more…)

Darlene T. regarding her Lash Extensions Los Angeles, Ca.

Darlene T. from Los Angeles, Ca. reviewed her Lash Extension experience “I’ve had my lashes done by nearly all the ladies, and no matter who does the work, it’s always uniformly excellent. Sinful Lashes is the BEST!!” (more…)

Tina Marie I. regarding her Volume Lash Extensions Altadena, Ca.

Tina Marie I. from Altadena, Ca. wrote ” I walk out of there so happy, and get a lot of compliments on my eyelashes! ” (more…)

Amalia V. regarding her Lash Extensions Brea, Ca.

Amalia V. of Brea, Ca. left a review for her Lash Extension service “My volume fill has lasted 4 weeks and I still have lashes. (more…)