Quick Tip – How to Save Your Eyelash Adhesives in High Humidity!

Adhesives Humidity

Who else is struggling with adhesives and high humidity?

Let me help you save your adhesive so it lasts longer than 1-2 weeks. The problem for most of us is going home at night from our Salons/Lash Bars/Studios and having to shut off the A/C.

The humidity degrades our adhesives so fast and it becomes so expensive. A normal fridge blasts cold air and we DO NOT want that.
So, I started looking around for something that would not only store my adhesives safely, but will travel well. That’s when I found the Facetory Portable Mini Fridge. This one only cools down the walls of the fridge so there is no cold air being blasted inside. It keeps the inside 15-20 degrees colder than outside.

Perfect for when you are out of the studio.  You can also use it as a mobile artist as it has an AC/DC cable included for travel.
Our top high humidity eyelash extension adhesives are Black Diamond and Girl Next Door.






I got this on Amazon:

FaceTory Portable Mint Beauty Fridge (10-L / 12 Can) with Heat and Cool Capacity. Comes in mint or coral $105.00


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