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Whisper Quiet Nano Mister
Whisper Quiet Nano Mister
Whisper Quiet Nano Mister

    Whisper Quiet Nano Mister - Clearance

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    Our Whisper Quiet Nano Mister, or Lash-Cure Nebulizer,  will fully cure lash adhesive within 30 seconds by releasing a very fine mist of distilled water. 

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    Your clients will depart your salon with fully dried lashes and, furthermore, will have the ability to proceed worry-free with their normal daily activities. No more waiting 24 hours! 

    Additionally; use of a Whisper Quiet Nano Mister not only enable you to work faster and more efficiently, it will also aid in fume reduction, resulting in relief of client sensitivities and irritation (which, in turn, keeps them coming back for more!). This is a "must have" in every lash artists kit. 

    The 411 on our Whisper Quiet Nano Mister

    • 1 USB Cord for Recharging
    • 1 Bottle for distilled water (water not included)
    • Color: White

    How to Use the Whisper Quiet Nano Mister:

    Fill the Nano Mister with distilled water.
    Open the chamber and spray the fine mist evenly, side to side, for 30 seconds.

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