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    Sinful Lashes "L" Shaped Volume Tweezer - The Marilyn

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    Work smarter, not harder! The key to any good volume tweezer is that 50% of the work should be done by the tool. The Marilyn L-Shaped Tweezer does that. There is no need to find a "sweet spot" as the entire foot of the tweezer is it! No more hunting, just beautiful fan pick up! 

    The 411 The Marilyn "L" Shaped Volume Tweezer : 

    • German Stainless Steel 
    • Hand tested for quality
    • 4.25" in length
    • Precision foot for accuracy
    • Thin boot makes it easier to see pick up and attachment of fans
    • Minimizes potential for strains and muscle fatigue due to the elimination of need to hunt for the sweet spot
    • Beautiful storage case included

    "The Marilyn "L" Shaped Volume Tweezer is the preferred eyelash extension application tool of the Sinful Lashes team." ~ Michelle Rath

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