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    Sinful Lashes "L" Shaped Volume Fiber Tip Tweezer - The Marilyn

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      This is our #1 lash extension tweezer upgraded! With the new handle design you will work smarter, not harder! The key to any good volume tweezer for lash extension techs is that the work should be done by the tool and this one does about 75% of that work. The Marilyn L-Shaped Tweezer for lash extensions does that. There is no need to find a "sweet spot" as the entire foot of the tweezer is it! No more hunting, just beautiful fan pick up! Perfect for Rolling Fan, Lonely Fan, Bounce and Wet Effect lashing

      The 411 The Marilyn "L" Shaped Volume Tweezer : 

      • German Stainless Steel 
      • Hand tested for quality
      • 4.25" in length
      • Fiber tipped interior base for better gripping on hand made fans
      • Precision foot for accuracy
      • Thin boot makes it easier to see pick up and attachment of fans 
      • Minimizes potential for strains and muscle fatigue due to the elimination of need to hunt for the sweet spot

      "The Marilyn "L" Shaped Volume Tweezer is the preferred eyelash extension application tool of the Sinful Lashes team." ~ Michelle Rath

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