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Curved Volume Tweezer - The Ginger

    Curved Volume Tweezer - The Ginger

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    The key to every good tweezer is that the majority of the work should be done by the tool and The Ginger delivers. It is the perfect combination Volume Tweezer for those who love a curved Tweezer but the precision of a boot Tweezer. This 4.25-inch tweezer is comfortable in the hand. It offers the same control and precision you have with a shorter and smaller shafted tool. The Ginger's shorter tweezer length combined with its slim foot and L-Tip minimizes the potential for strains and muscle fatigue that can come from repetitive precision work like professional lash application. This tweezers L-tip closes perfectly with just the slightest pressure. 

    The 411: 

    • German Stainless Steel 
    • Hand tested for quality
    • 4.25" in length
    • Precision foot for accuracy
    • Thin boot makes it easier to see pick up and attachment of fans
    • Minimizes potential for strains and muscle fatigue due to the elimination of need to hunt for the sweet spot

    Pro Tip: 

    The superior production of every pair of Sinful Lash Tweezers ensures each pair of tweezers retains optimal function and precision for years with proper care and cleaning.