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Moonstone - Clear Lash Extension Adhesive 10ML and 5ML
Moonstone Lash Glue Information
Moonstone - Clear Lash Extension Adhesive 10ML
Moonstone - Clear Lash Extension Adhesive 5ML
Moonstone - Clear Lash Extension Adhesive

    Moonstone - Clear Lash Extension Adhesive

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      Moonstone - Clear Lash Extension Adhesive is the perfect solution for clients that have a sensitivity to black carbon (found in eyelash extension glues). It boasts a set time of 1-2 seconds and up to 8 weeks retention, this is sure to become a favorite in your eyelash extension glue rotation. Your lash extensions fan stays wide and fluffy with a soft, instant, flexible hold. This unique adhesive works well in most climates and is not as affected by humidity as other formulas.

      If you are working in optimum humidity it sets in 1.5 second, in low humidity in 1.5-2 seconds and in high humidity 1 second. This unique adhesive works well in most climates and is not as affected by humidity as other formulas. 

      The 411 on Moonstone - Clear Lash Extension Adhesive

      • For Professional Use Only*
      • Formaldehyde and Latex Free
      • Medical and Beauty Grade Cyanoacrylates (no industrial additives)
      • Low Fumes
      • Adhesive Bonding Time: 1-2 Seconds
      • Cure Time: Within 10 Minutes
      • Medium Viscosity (thickness)
      • Color: Clear
      • Retention: 6-8 Weeks
      • Optimal Humidity: Works well in a wide humidity range*
      • Advanced Glue

       Download MSDS HERE

      Humidity Set Times

      • 25-40% sets in 1.5-2 seconds
      • 40-55% sets in 1.5 second (OPTIMAL)
      • 55-75% sets in 1 second

      For even better retention and to promote the health of the natural lash, try our companion products Vegan Ready Steady Go Lash Extension Primer and Locked and Loaded Bonder.  

      Sinful Lashes Tip - Lash glues cure when exposed to humidity. The higher humidity the faster it sets. If your humidity is above 70% we suggest getting a dehumidifier to get your area into an optimal range. We recommend using a hygrometer in your room to accurately gauge humidity levels to choose the correct glue for your room. 

      Disclaimer Time: Each state regulates these services differently. It is the responsibility of the technician performing these services to be aware of what the regulations in their state are. Sinful Lashes products are intended for use by professional technicians with proper training and certifications to perform the services.Sinful Lashes offers training on and certification for eyelash extension application and lash lift and brow lamination. If you would like lash extension/lash lift/brow lamination training check out our courses HERE 

      If you can't attend our classes in person, sign up for our Online Academy Courses HERE

      Sinful Lashes encourages you to choose PRIORITY MAIL when ordering adhesives to ensure freshness and stability. USPS First Class can take up to 8 days to arrive. 

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