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Locked and Loaded Vegan Lash Extension Bonder freeshipping - Sinful Lashes Staging
Locked and Loaded Vegan Lash Extension Bonder freeshipping - Sinful Lashes Staging

    Locked and Loaded Vegan Lash Extension Bonder

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    We've tried them all and tossed them back We set out to create more than "just" a bonder. 30% retention using this product? YES PLEASE!  The product had to be Vegan and it had to be loaded with all natural ingredients.

    Enter Locked and Loaded Vegan Eyelash Extension Bonder. It will lock in the adhesive fumes and finish the final process of curing. It's the final step in the lashing process.

    Our innovative formula will not only instantly cure your adhesive but keep the base flexible and stop it from becoming brittle and popping off. In essence, give your clients the best retention on the market.

    It’s perfect for all types of lashing; classic, hybrids, premade, volume and mega volume. It’s ideal for our most sensitive clients as it instantly stops the source of irritating fumes and therefore any irritation.

    A little bit of Locked and Loaded vegan eyelash extension bonder goes a long way.

    The 411

    1. Using two micro brushes use 1 drop of our Locked and Loaded bonder per eye. For the first eye apply one drop bonder on one micro brush, dampen both and apply to the top and bottom of the bases where the adhesive is bonded to the natural lash, ensuring full coverage.
    2. Let the solution dry or dry with our mini fan before your clients open their eyes. Start your appointment with our Vegan Primer Ready, Set, Go! for the longest retention on the market.

    Locked and Loaded Bonder  is available in a set with our Primer, Ready, Set, Go! . Ready Set Go! Vegan Eyelash Extension Primer and Locked and Loaded Vegan Eyelash Extension Bonder is the combo secret weapon you have been searching for to change your lash life. Buy both and save!  You can purchase both HERE 

    Pro Tip: Important to note: our bonder is made without the use of methycrylate, which is an irritant to some clients. It also contains extracts from the Hamamelis flower which is known to have a nourishing, calming and antibacterial function.