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Lash Cleaner

    Lash Cleaner

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    Set yourself, and your lash sets, up for success with our Lash Cleaner. It is an essential first step in the eyelash extension application process. 

    Sinful Lashes' Lash Cleaner is a pre-treatment which will clean and disinfect the real, natural lashes, as well as removing any dirt, oil or makeup which will prevent the extensions from adhering to the real lashes. Start out with squeaky clean lashes for better retention, eye and natural lash health!

    The 411 on our Lash Cleaner

    How to Use Sinful Lashes Lash Cleaner:

    Secure lower lashes with eye pads and tape. Have clients close their eyes prior to applying the lash cleaner. Apply cleaner using 1-2 Micro Brushes to clean using even strokes.  Do not over saturate the brush to avoid irritation.

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    Download MSDS here

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