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Lash Bath
Lash Bath
Lash Bath

    Lash Bath "One and Done" Botanical Wash

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      Clean lashes are happy lashes and our Lash Bath One and Done Botanical Eyelash Extension cleaner will wash and clean your clients eyelashes and the extensions on them.

      Sinful Lashes' Lash Bath "One and Done" Botanical Wash also acts as a makeup remover and face wash! ONE AND DONE!

      The single most important part of the lash extension after care process is washing your lashes. Using our foaming Lash Bath "One and Done" Botanical Wash twice a day helps to keep your lashes clean and extend the life of your extensions.

      Poor lash extension hygiene is the most common cause of eye area irritation, lash loss and clogged lash follicles. Since oil leads to early lash loss and premature extension fallout,

      Lash Bath "One and Done" Botanical Wash will keep your eyelashes and lash extensions clean and healthy. Proactively eradicating oil build-up aids in both eye health and lash extensions retention.

      Sinful Lashes Lash Bath foaming lash wash is a #1 retail aftercare item that is a must have product for every retail lash extension salon.

      The 411 on Lash Bath "One and Done" Botanical Wash

      • Get the lashes wet
      • Pump a quarter size amount on the tips of fingers
      • Gently wash the eyelashes (do not rub)
      • Using a mascara brush and either a blow dryer with "cool shot" or our Mini Fan, blow dry and brush out the lashes to bring fluff back. 
      • Quantity Discounts Available  

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