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Fiber Tip
Fiber Tip
Fiber Tip

    Fiber Tip "L" Eyelash Extension Tweezer - The Eva

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      Sinful Lashes is thrilled to introduce to you our newest, "go-to" fiber tip lash extension tweezer - The Eva. This will become your favorite tweezer to use for isolation and pick up. 

      Are you on the hunt for a versatile tweezer? Look no further than Eva, the ultimate lash extension tweezer for lash techs. Whether you're performing light volume extension sets or classic lash extension pick up techniques, Eva has you covered. Not only that, but Eva's fiber tip makes it the perfect tool for isolating those hard-to-reach tiny lashes. 

      With Eva's light and comfortable hand feel, you'll experience effortless precision. The added length and fine fiber tip ensures that no lash goes unnoticed, giving you the power to create stunning lash transformations with ease.  Perfect for Classic, Isolation Small Diameter Volume

      The 411 on what makes The Eva Eyelash Extension Tweezer truly special

      • Crafted from high-quality German stainless steel, Eva is built to last
      • Hand-tested for quality assurance, so you can trust it's performance
      • Measuring at 4.25" in length, it's perfect for precise lash extension work
      • Fine fiber tip provides unparalleled accuracy, ensuring flawless application every time
      • Designed to minimize the potential for strains and muscle fatigue so you can work comfortably without sacrificing results

      Say hello to Eva, your new partner in lash perfection. Get ready to elevate your lash game like never before


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