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3M Paper Tape for Eyelash Extensions
3M Paper Tape for Eyelash Extensions

    3M Paper Tape for Eyelash Extensions

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      This 3M paper tape for eyelash extensions application is surgical grade, latex free and hypoallergenic which means that it will be good for use on all skin types and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.

      Uses for 3m Paper Tape for Eyelash Extensions:

      To hold eye pads in place during the eyelash extension appointment.

      To secure lower lashes (with eye pads) prior to eyelash extensions application excellent for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

      3M Paper Tape for Eyelash Extensions Available in:

      2 rolls: $ 2.99
      4 rolls: $ 5.89
      10 rolls: $ 14.49

      Disclaimer Time: Each state regulates these services differently. It is the responsibility of the technician performing these services to be aware of what the regulations in their state are. Sinful Lashes products are intended for use by professional technicians with proper training and certifications to perform the services.Sinful Lashes offers training on and certification for eyelash extension application and lash lift and brow lamination. If you would like lash extension/lash lift/brow lamination training check out our courses HERE 

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