Sinful Lashes "L" Shaped Volume Tweezer - The Marilyn


The Marilyn L-Shaped Volume Tweezers are by far the best professional lash application tweezers the Sinful Lashes technicians have used. These 4.25″ tweezers function well while applying light and mega volume fans and work with .03mm through .10mm eyelashes. German Stainless Steel. Stores in signature gold case.

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“The Marilyn L-Shaped Volume Tweezers are the preferred eyelash extension application tool of the Sinful Lashes team.” ~ Michelle Rath
After years of extensive research by our team of application experts, we found “The One”. The Sinful Lashes team of lash-masters spent months exploring the seemingly infinite combinations of options available from tweezer manufacturers around the world. They secured their choices and brought them back for testing through practical application. The hands-down #1 pick was the Marilyn L-Shaped Tweezer. It quickly became each testers ideal tweezer for versatility and functionality in eyelash extension application. We’re certain you’re going to love using it, too!

The L-Shaped Marilyn is the lash application tweezer preferred and recommended by Sinful Lashes eyelash extension technicians. It is the best 90-degree type volume tweezers we have handled. We find The Marilyn Tweezers to work perfectly for applying  light and mega volume fans. The tweezers work with .03mm through .10mm eyelashes.

The key to any good volume tweezer is that 50% of the work should be done by the tool. The Marilyn L-Shaped Tweezer does that. There is no need to find a “sweet spot” as the entire foot of the tweezer is one. This 4.25-inch tweezer is comfortable in the hand. It offers the same control and precision you have with a shorter and smaller shafted tool. The Marilyn’s optimal tweezer length, combined with its broader width and precision foot, minimizes the potential for strains and muscle fatigue that can come from repetitive precision work like professional lash application.


Total tweezer length 4 ¼”
Professional grade German Stainless Steel Tweezers
We will ship your Tweezers with a Signature Gold Case


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