Lash Primer


Lash Primer by Sinful Lashes prepares the natural lash for extension application by creating a bonding surface. Use after pre-treatment (Lash Cleaner). Using our lash primer after pre-treatment will aid the adhesive in holding the extension lash.

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Lash Primer by Sinful Lashes is used to prime the natural lash for eyelash extension application.

Sinful Lashes Lash Primer creates a bonding surface for lash adhesive after pre-treatment (Lash Cleaner).

Using Sinful Lashes Lash Primer after pre-treatment with the Lash Cleaner will aid application of the extension lash and help the adhesive to hold quickly, reducing your application time.

Take your eyelash extension artistry to the next level and ensure happy repeat lash clients with long lasting beautiful sets!


How to Use Sinful Lashes Lash Primer:

Apply Lash Primer using 1-2 Micro Brushes prior to extension application. Do not over saturate the brush to avoid irritation.



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