Volume Mixed Tray Lash Extensions

  • Sinful Lashes eyelash extensions are made from the highest quality PBT material on the market. Our lashes are our own custom blend and curls are made to our specifications. Sinful Lashes trays have 16 rows of lashes with over 6000 lashes in each box. They come off the strip easily and practically make the fan for you. The matte finish helps you wrap your volume fan to the natural lash with ease. This material will never lose its Curl nor fade nor slip from the natural lashes. Sinful Lashes Volume lashes have a deep black color with no blue hue. They have a true matte finish and a perfect Curl. They attach easily. These are the ideal choice for the artist that wants to create either a light and natural full volume set or a dramatic full volume set without compromising the health of your client’s natural lashes. Available curl type: C, CC, D (listed in order of curl amount). Available weights: .03, .05, .07.