Eyelash Extension Application includes products such as Lint Free collagen Eye Pads, eyelash extension cleaner, eyelash extensions primer, and much more

Sinful Lashes is a 100% Female Owned and Operated Eyelash Extensions Academy and Supply store, by Michelle Rath. Established in December 2012 , Michelle started her business small by doing lashes in a leased space in Studio City, Ca. Over a short time, it became clear that she needed to expand her business and so she opened up her Studio City, Ca. Location. She has now moved to a location (in Encino, Ca.) that was specifically designed as a Retail and an Eyelash Academy and space for the Sinful Lashes Academy which also hosts classes by eyelash artists/educators from around the world. Her business has grown to a support team focused solely on her Academy and eCommerce business. The Sinful Lashes brand is known and used internationally.
When Michelle started in the eyelash extension industry, she had to purchase products from other manufacturers. Dissatisfied with the quality of products she was buying; the decision became clear that she would need to manufacture her own brand. So the research and development began. The Sinful Lashes brand is developed through extensive testing and research on all the available products on the market today.

We are constantly on the lookout for changes in our industry and the products that go along with those changes. Our Sinful Lashes eyelash extensions are made from the highest quality PBT material on the market. Our lashes are our own custom blend and each curl is made to our specifications. All of Sinful Lashes Professional Grade Eyelash Extension Adhesives are thoroughly tested for application and retention and are made from the highest quality Cyanoacrylates available on the market. They are Medical and Beauty Grade, with no industrial additives. This means every bottle of Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extension Adhesives are latex and formaldehyde free, ensuring the health of your clients and lash artists alike. Sinful Lashes Owner, Michelle Rath, travels regularly to her manufacture to customize every product in our line to bring you what she feels is the absolute highest quality products. If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it.

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