Eyelash Extension Retention!


Are you struggling with eyelash extension retention? We all do. Here are some tips on adding 1-2 weeks to your retention time.

Tip # 1 Get a Tight Wrap! I see a lot of photos with the eyelash extensions sitting on the top of natural lash and are attached but not wrapped. Applying from underneath and wrapping can add a week or two in retention. Wrapping is when your natural lash is sunk into the base of the fan and the eyelash extensions are fully wrapped around it. It’s on there for the life of the natural lash cycle.

Tip # 2 Practice, Practice, Practice! Practicing and placing the eyelash extension .05 mm or less from the lash line will add a week longer in retention. The photo above is 50% coverage so you can see the attachment. Remember the fold of skin on the lid will often hide the actual base of the lash line. Taping the lid up slightly helps to see it.

Tip # 3 Keep ’em Clean! Washing eyelash extensions 2 times a day with our Lash Bath “One and Done” Botanical Wash is key to long wearing lashes. If you live in an area like Los Angeles with hard water, have clients wash and blow dry their lashes on a low, cold setting while brushing with a spoolie. This will help to not let all that “gunk” harden on the extensions making them brittle. It’s also fluffs them up and makes them look perfect.

Tip # 4 Pick the Right Adhesive! The right adhesive for your environment is a critical step in good retention. Michelle will use Femme Fatale in winter and Girl Next Door in summer. But during the heat wave Black Diamond was a winner. So many factors go into finding the right eyelash extension adhesive.

Two artists can have the same temp and humidity but one artists bed is sitting right under an AC vent and the adhesive will react differently. Your eyes are your best barometer. Dip the extension and pull up. Shiny is wet, you want to place it at its wettest, matte is dry. As soon as you see the first sign it’s going matte that’s the time you have to place the extension on the natural lash.

Remember! Shiny=Wet Matte=Dry.

Hope that helps all of you lash artists! And remember to follow us on Social Media for future announcements! We have something BIG coming!


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