Lash Shedding or Why you should book a fill sooner than later…

Lash shedding occurs naturally in every human.   The average person has anywhere from 90-150 lashes on their top eyelid and 70-100 bottom lid lashes.

At any one time only a third of these lashes should be used to attach lashes to.  As adding lashes to a young lash could cause premature breakage or potentially damage the follicle, and adding lashes to an older longer lash will result in premature lash extension shedding of your lash extension.  Meaning, Professional Lash Artists must be fully trained to determine which lashes are just right for extensions and then have the skill to isolate those lashes that are perfect for lash extensions quickly and efficiently for extension application.

The anagen, or growth phase of your eyelash lasts 30-45 days.  Like we said above at any one time between 30 and 40 percent of your lashes are in this phase of growth. After growth stops you’ll shed between 3 and 5 natural lashes per day.  Meaning:

  • Week 1 you loose between 15 and 35 natural lashes
  • By the end of week 2 you’ll have lost between 24 and 65 lashes
  • At the end of week three you’ll have lost between 62 and 110 lashes.

Taking all of this math and biology into account, even if you have a full mega set of lashes applied and your lash artist hit early growth anagen lashes. If you only have 120 lashes, taking your natural lash shed into account, you’ll be in a pretty desperate need of another full set by the end of week three.

It’s important to note everyone sheds at different rates, and they do so for a variety of reasons.  Health, genetics, lifestyle, cleaning regiment, time spent in a pool or the ocean, heavy makeup use can all explain why your sets last a different time than your friends set.

Work with your lash artist to determine what the best timing for you is and stick to your custom lash extension schedule to maintain thick, lush and beautiful eye lashes.

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