Get the most out of life!

Your lash life that is!  When you consider the considerable resources we as women spend on looking our best (time, money and gas burning the ozone), why wouldn’t we want to get the most out of our beauty investment!

There are many ways to extend the life of your Sinful Lashes! The number one way to ensure a long lash life cycle is proper cleaning.

Other ways to extend your lash extension life (or the time between fills) include:

  • Application by a Sinful Lash Artist
  • Application of classic vs. mega extensions. Lighter weight extensions will hold longer, the effect may not be AS dramatic, however they will last longer and still be beautiful.
  • Use lightweight water based mascara and eyeliner and lightweight water based cleansers to remove eye makeup
  • Avoid anti-aging and night creams.  While these creams are generally part of our normal routines, keep them away from your extensions.  Many of these creams and oils will dissolve lash extension adhesives, causing premature extension shedding.
  • Don’t sleep on your face, rubbing against the pillow will tug on your extensions causing premature extension loss
  • Choose a lash extension shape that matches your natural lash shape.
  • Do not curl or tug on your extensions, be gentle when brushing using a down and out motion and if you need to curl gently use a heated lash curler.

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