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Eyelash Extensions Academy

There are many options out there. Some better than others. Learn why you should choose Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extensions Academy for your Eyelash Extension Training.   

Online Courses & Webinars

Now our world class education programs are available to you no matter where (in the world) you are! Fast-track your lash career ONLINE with our hands-on interactive curriculum!

When you purchase your online class, you will be given immediate and
exclusive access to your content through your Member Page. Classes
purchased appear in your account so you can watch (and re-watch) any
time! Sinful Lashes Online is available 24/7!

2-Day Beginner Classic, Hybrid and intro to Feather Volume Eyelash Extension Course

Our 2-Day Beginner Classic, Hybrid and Feather Volume Eyelash Extensions Course is specifically designed for entry level lash artists who want to be the best in the business, who want to learn modern, cutting edge techniques; classic, hybrid and feather volume eyelash extensions (developed and perfected by Sinful Lashes). This “all in one” class will put you steps ahead of even the most seasoned lash artists. 

The cost for the 2 day course is  $ 1,250.00 (Affirm Financing is available OR 2 Payments of $ 625.00)

1-Day Eyelash Extension Refresher Course

Do you feel like your lash course did not give you the information you needed to succeed? Has it been a while since you’ve taken your first lash course and need a bit of assistance getting back into the swing of things? Sinful Lashes Trainers hear that a lot. This course will help you fill in all the missing pieces to feel confident in your lash business. 

The cost for the 1 day course is  $700.00 (Affirm Financing is available OR 2 Payments of $350.00)

2-Day Master Volume Eyelash Extension Course

This is the most comprehensive Volume eyelash extension course available anywhere. Our 2 Day Master Volume eyelash extension course is designed for anyone who is already trained in Classic Eyelash Extensions. Students should have already taken a beginner course and are experienced with the fundamentals of lashing. The course is perfect for those who are starting out in Volume Lashing or those who have had a rudimentary introduction to it as well as for the seasoned volume artist looking to gain speed, learn advanced mapping and Mega Volume techniques (which are highly sought after by potential clients). It is a volume course that takes you on a journey from beginner volume to more advanced techniques over 2 days.

The cost for the 2-day Master Volume Course is $ 1,250.00 (Affirm Financing is available OR 2 Payments of $625.00)

1-Day Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Course

Sinful Lashes provides an in-depth course that will cover everything you will need to get you started in your Lash Lift career.

Our Sinful Lashes Luxe Lash Lift System has been designed by Sinful Lashes to produce beautiful results and retain the lift on your clients lashes for 6-8 weeks.

The cost for the 1 day course is  $800.00 (Affirm Financing available OR 2 Payments of $400.00)

Styling 101 and Beyond Training

Styling is so important to client retention. Put the right shape and style on your client and she/he is a client for life.

Come spend the day with Michelle, an international trainer and speaker, to learn everything you need to about:

Styling your clients eye and face shapes. Learn which maps will most flatter their eyes to open and lift their eyes.

The cost for the 1 day course is $500.00 (2 Payments of $ 250.00)

Professional One on One Training Class

If you are someone who prefers to learn in an individualized setting we can arrange a private training class for you. If you have a small group or salon we can arrange training classes at your location or our beautiful Encino, California training center.

2-day Classic, 2-Day Advanced, 1-day Mega Volume or Custom Training are available

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Extended Pay Options for Your Education

We’ve partnered with Affirm to give you more convenient payment options. Now you can pay for your FULL PAYMENT ENROLLEMENT over time with simple monthly payments when you purchase the FULL PRICE enrollment. Find out exactly what you’ll pay upfront – No hidden costs, no surprises. (please note this option is not available for the Down Payment Options).

Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extensions Academy is expanding its training team

Are you someone who is passionate about training and helping others? We are looking for experienced lash artists who are dedicated to Sinful Lashes products and our brand.