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Eyelash Extensions Academy

Sinful Lashes Academy is Internationally Accredited by Lash Inc.
Michelle Rath and her education team at Sinful Lashes BELIEVES in YOU and your ability to create a better life for yourself. Financial freedom is on the horizon where you are your own boss! Receive in depth training from Award Winning, Global Eyelash Extension Trainers. Graduates of the Sinful Lashes Academy receive Exclusive Access to some of the most sought after styling maps, speed tricks and lashing techniques in the industry as well as support throughout your lash journey with our Private Facebook Group, Lash Meet Ups and more! Finance through Affirm Financing to help make your new career affordable with low monthly payments. If you can’t make it to our flagship location, we have trainers in other areas (including Canada). Find one near you! There are many options out there. Some better than others. Learn why you should choose Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extensions Academy for your
Eyelash Extension Training. 

Online Courses & Webinars

Now our world class education programs are available to you no matter where (in the world) you are! Fast-track your lash career ONLINE with our hands-on interactive curriculum!

When you purchase your online class, you will be given immediate and exclusive access to your content through your Member Page. Classes purchased appear in your account so you can watch (and re-watch) any time! Sinful Lashes Online is available 24/7!

2-Day Beginner Classic, Hybrid and intro to Feather Volume Eyelash Extension Course

Our 2-Day beginner course is the ultimate blue-print for new lash artists who want to learn the fundamentals but also come out of their class running! You will learn classic  eyelash extensions techniques as well as out most modern, cutting-edge techniques; hybrid and our exclusive feather volume method. This 2-day course will put you light- years ahead of lash artists in your area!

The cost for the 2 day course is  $1,250.00 (Affirm Financing is available OR 2 Payments of $ 625.00)!


1-Day Eyelash Extension Refresher Course

Education is key!

Our priority is just that. Whether you want the freshest information on our ever-changing industry or you feel like a previous lash class just didn’t cut it. Sinful Lashes Refresher Course is it! We are here to fill in the blanks so you can take your lash business, confidence and income to the next level. 

The cost for the 1 day course is  $700.00 (Affirm Financing is available OR 2 Payments of $350.00)

2-Day Master Volume Eyelash Extension Course

Are your clients always asking you for a fuller lash line? Today’s lash market mostly consists of Volume Lash clients. Give clients what they wants and need with the highest quality products and techniques! We offer Russian Volume and Mega Volume techniques to suit every lash artists needs! This course  is perfect for lash artists who have never taken a volume course as well as experienced volume lash artists looking to perfect their craft by gaining speed, styling skills and, of course, multiple, cutting-edge fanning techniques.

The cost for the 2-day Master Volume Course is $ 1,250.00 (Affirm Financing is available OR 2 Payments of $625.00)

Fan Making 101 1-Day Eyelash Extension Course

Learn how to do the fastest, most efficient volume fan making techniques in the industry! Give your clients those dreamy hybrid sets or soft and sultry volume set. This course is designed for any existing lash artists that is looking to cater to clients who want more. In today’s market and beauty trends the majority of clients want volume lashes. Learning fast and efficient methods will put you ahead of lash artists in your area. Our goal is to keep you booked, busy and financially abundant. This is a technique class only and is intended for beginner/experienced lash artists. Students attending should have completed a Beginner Eyelash Extension Course.

FULL PAYMENT – $500 or 50% DOWN PAYMENT $250

Fan Making 201 1-Day Eyelash Extension Course

Ditch the mental image of the stereotypical Mega-Volume! With our exclusive styling and fan making techniques, we will teach you how to give clients the trendiest, darkest, fullest lashes money can buy. These modern, exclusive techniques will not only guarantee the health and safety of client’s natural lashes, but also guarantee their loyalty. We will teach you how to give the drama queens the lashes they deserve! Learn modern strip-lash styling, multiple mega-volume fan techniques and so much more! Our goal is for you to be able to deliver clients their deepest lash desires and for you to achieve your client and financial dreams! This is a technique class only and is intended for intermediate/experienced lash artists. Students attending should have completed a Beginner Eyelash Extension Course AND have basic knowledge on how to create Volume Fans.

FULL PAYMENT – $500 or 50% DOWN PAYMENT $250

1-Day Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Course

Learn the hottest lash and brow service in the industry by some of the pioneers of these services! Sinful Lashes developed and offers the safest products, techniques and information for these incredible, ubiquitous services. This class is absolutely critical for future lash lift and brow lamination artists and highly suggested for accomplished lash lift and brow lamination artists. Open your services up to a wider client spectrum to fill your books up with a fun, easy and low maintenance service! We utilize our unique Keratin Lash Lift and Brow Lamination system which provide modern lifted looks vs. “perms” which can dry out and damage the lashes. 

The cost for the 1 day course is  $800.00 (Affirm Financing available OR 2 Payments of $400.00)

Styling 101 and Beyond Training

Styling is so important to client retention. Put the right shape and style on your client and she/he is a client for life.

Come spend the day with Michelle, an international trainer and speaker, to learn everything you need to about:

Styling your clients eye and face shapes. Learn which maps will most flatter their eyes to open and lift their eyes. Currently offered on our Online Academy

The cost for the online course course is $300.00  (class only) or $350.00 (class with kit)

Professional One on One Training Class

If you are someone who prefers to learn in an individualized setting we can arrange a private training class for you. If you have a small group or salon we can arrange training classes at your location or our beautiful Encino, California training center.

2-day Classic, 2-Day Advanced, 1-day Mega Volume or Custom Training are available

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Extended Pay Options for Your Education

We’ve partnered with Affirm to give you more convenient payment options. Now you can pay for your FULL PAYMENT ENROLLEMENT over time with simple monthly payments when you purchase the FULL PRICE enrollment. Find out exactly what you’ll pay upfront – No hidden costs, no surprises. (please note this option is not available for the Down Payment Options).

Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extensions Academy is expanding its training team

Are you someone who is passionate about training and helping others? We are looking for experienced lash artists who are dedicated to Sinful Lashes products and our brand.