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Lash Primer for eyelash extension application
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    Lash Primer

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      Sinful Lashes' Lash Primer is used in conjunction with our Lash Cleaner.

      Sinful Lashes' Lash Primer is used to "prime" the natural lash aiding in application and will aid in the adhesive holding quickly (which cuts down on appointment time). Don't skip out on this step as it will help with lash retention between appointments! 

      Take your eyelash extension artistry to the next level and ensure happy repeat lash clients with long lasting beautiful sets!

      The 411 on our Lash Primer

      How to Use Sinful Lashes Lash Primer:

      • Apply Lash Primer using 1-2 Micro Brushes prior to extension application.
      • Do not over saturate the brush to avoid irritation. A little goes a long way! 

      Download MSDS HERE

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      Disclaimer Time: Each state regulates these services differently. It is the responsibility of the technician performing these services to be aware of what the regulations in their state are. Sinful Lashes products are intended for use by professional technicians with proper training and certifications to perform the services.Sinful Lashes offers training on and certification for eyelash extension application and lash lift and brow lamination. If you would like lash extension/lash lift/brow lamination training check out our courses HERE 

      If you can't attend our classes in person, sign up for our Online Academy Courses HERE

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