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Cream Lash Extension Remover

    Cream Lash Extension Remover

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      Our Sinful Lashes Cream Lash Extension Remover is exclusive and specially formulated to gently and quickly dissolve eyelash extension adhesives.

      (FULL REMOVAL IN UNDER 15 MINUTES) so your removals just "slip" off the natural lash.

      Cream Lash Extension Remover has a fresh clean scent and  low fumes which is perfect for clients with sensitive eyes.

      Cream Lash Extension Remover's formula is a thicker consistency which assures that it will not run into the clients eyes so there is less irritation.

      The Sinful Lashes Cream Lash Extension Remover is only available through Sinful Lashes.

      Order your Cream Lash Extension Remover today!

      Beautiful Packaging and larger container.

      Pro Tip: Do Not attempt to remove your own Lashes.

      Sinful Lashes Professional Eyelash Extension Products are intended for certified lash professionals! If you would like eyelash extension training check out our courses HERE 

      If you can't attend our classes in person, sign up for our Online Academy Courses HERE

      Download MSDS here 

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