Kimberly Issak 1

Kimberly Issak

Lash Renaissance

Kimberly is the CEO & Founder of Lash Renaissance in San Diego, CA. She is a licensed cosmetologist & is 6X certified by International Lash Masters. She’s mastered multiple classes ranging from classic to mega-volume & everything in between as well as lashing business basics & personal development courses. Kimberly has tied the principles of the great masters & combined them all in one to create her own genuine style.

Her partnership as an Educator with Sinful Lashes began in late 2020 & will be innovated to become the most powerful, value oriented and educational course in SOCAL in order to help others achieve their goals as a Lash Artist. I’m excited to merge everything I’ve learned into one class with Sinful Lashes.

Dear Future Lash Artists, Thank you for choosing to learn with me!


My intention with my baby, Lash Renaissance, is to make women feel beautiful through natural eyelash extensions & to get time back on your side in the mornings. I’m on a mission to innovate the most natural eyelash extension looks. Eyelash health & integrity is my number 1 priority.