Deserae Padilla

Deserae Padilla

Luxury Lash Studio

Deserae Padilla Began Esthetician career in 2013 at age 18. Working as a Jr lash artist inspired Deserae to spread the knowledge she had to upcoming lash artist. “The lash industry isn’t going away, I’d rather teach new artist how to properly do lashes than continue to let clients suffer through bad lash experiences. Eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes bad lash techs do” Deserae knew if she wanted to become a legit trainer she would have to learn from the best and invest in herself. 2018 became a NALA Certified educator. She went to beauty schools throughout the Central Valley and presented her lash class to many students. Deserae entered Fresno’s first Lash battle and took home an award. It was the hardest obstacle to lash in front of an audience but once the skill set was proven, the students started to follow.

Determined to learn she continued lash education with Sinful Lashes 2018. Within 2018-2019 year graduated three courses Advanced Mega Volume, Lash business , and became Sinful Lash Trainer.

With everyday day dedicated to work ,clients , and education, Deserae opened one of Fresno Ca 1st Lash Training Center. Luxury Lash Studio & Academy is catered to lash clients and lash students in Fresno county.

“I still can’t believe I own a salon where I can give my clients a luxury service and teach it as well. From the outside it looks like I’ve grown fast but I know it took 100% of every day leading up to now to accomplish my dreams. There are still so many things I’d like to see and achieve I am thankful to everyone that’s helped me along this journey. All I need is a good playlist with the right tools and I can Lash across the world!”

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