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Pre-Made Fans …. WOW!

Can you believe these are Pre-Made Fans?!?

There is a lot of talk lately about Pre-Made Fans. It seems like some artists and educators either love them or hate them. Frankly, I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I am surprised at the artists and educators who criticize new artists for using them.

Some facts:

Our 4D heat bonded fans are a similar diameter to a .15 classic lash. Our 5D is a similar diameter to a .18.

So what’s the difference between classic lashes and quality Pre-Made Fans? Nothing. Attaching a Pre-Made Fan correctly is no different than attaching a classic lash correctly. If you are new to Lashing, you need tools that will help you be competitive in your market. Using Flat Lashes and Pre-Made Fans until you master Volume is not only smart, but a necessity to achieving a fuller looking set.

Are handmade Volume Lashes better?

Yes, they are. Handmade Volume fans allow you to customize your sets and since we wrap our bases on handmade Volume, you get better retention. When artists receive quality Volume /Mega Volume training you will learn the essentials to create beautiful sets. With practice it should not take you much longer to do a volume set than it currently takes you to do a classic set. All sets you see on our page, even the model shots, were done in approximately two hours or less. Any longer and it cuts into your potential income. In our business time is money.

An FYI, our Pre-Made Fans are becoming one of our biggest sellers.

Please watch our video below for tips on how to pick up and place.

So please use them with confidence until you are able to take our Volume Course.

Happy Lashing Bosses!

michelle rath lash tech trainer

The Dreaded Autumn Shed!!!

Hello Lash Loves! It’s that time of year again and the Autumn Lash Shed season is upon us. On average, we lose 1-4 lashes per day, however this is the time of year when your hair sheds more then average, and that includes your lashes. Why does this happen? Our hair (including lashes) protects from the sun and when the seasons change and we are subject to less exposure from the sun, our bodies compensate for that by shedding hair. If you have animals, you’ll see this phenomenon by the amount of fur on your furniture and floors. It’s the same in humans. In order for our body to produce hair, it must pump blood to those cells. In the winter, our immunity is lower due to the lack of Vitamin D (provided naturally by sunlight) so our bodies will divert the blood flow to our major organs instead of our hair which we no longer really need.

So what can you do as a Lash Technician during this season? Talk to your clients about this time of year. Let them know that they may experience shedding so they will be prepared, and get them in more frequently for fill ins. That will help alleviate the calls you will get saying “all my lashes fell out”, “you didn’t do a good job” etc. Since there is a lot of shedding (mostly adult lashes), you will see more baby lashes. Use a thinner thickness lash or, for volume lashes, drop the dimension of fans. If you have a client that is experiencing massive shedding, this may be an ideal time for them to take a break from lashes. This is also a perfect time to discuss the importance of after care. We suggest washing at least twice daily with our Lash Bath Foaming Lash Extension Cleanser. This product is designed to wash away dirt and oils that contribute bad retention.



michelle rath lash tech trainer

hawaii lash competition judge michelle rath

See you Sept 8 & 9 at the Waikiki Beach Marriot at the first ever Hawaii Lash Competition

Aloha Lash Babes!

I am so honored when I get asked to travel and judge and speak at competitions and conferences all over the globe. But the Hawaii Lash Competition is near and dear to my heart. I visited Kauai for the first time 15 years ago and fell in love. I now own a place there and go to recharge when ever possible. I adore everything about Hawaii and its culture. My dear friends Mika and Mauki are the producers and have worked tirelessly to put on an amazing event.

At this event, I am going to be judging all the events and I have been asked to present on the topic of L/L+ Curl Lash Extensions

What could be better, lashes, Hawaii and talented competitors from all over the globe.

So please come to the first Hawaii Lash Competition which will be held on September 8, 2018 at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa in Waikiki, located on the beautiful island of O’ahu.

Come and show off your talent by entering in the competition portion of this event! There are 4 categories in the competition:

-Classic Lashes

-Volume Lashes

-Fantasy Art Lashes – Theme PELE

-Lash Lift (online category)

Enter one, two, three or all four categories!

All contestants (excluding the online category) will receive awesome gift bags from our generous sponsors and a personalized certificate of participation. The winners of each category (including online category) will receive a trophy, coverage and mention on Lash Inc. Magazine and extra special goodies from our sponsors!

The Hawaii Lash Competition will also have an educational conference portion for lash artists who want to come and learn the current trends, newest techniques; including demos and workshops from the industry’s leading master lash artists. At the venue, there will also be a chance for you to buy some of the best and newest quality products from the leading lash brands! Remember, you do not have to be a competitor to join us in the conference portion.

The Hawai’i Lash Competition will end with an awards ceremony, followed by a poolside party where you get to meet and mingle with the VIP lash masters! The Hawaii Lash Competition will be a great way to spend your day socializing with fellow lash artists and expanding your knowledge of this ever growing industry.​

Register now! Hawaii Lash Competition


michelle rath lash tech trainer


Summer Lash Look-brown and gold lash extensionsSummer is my favorite time of the year and nothing tops off bronzed sun-kissed skin better than the beautiful summer lash look achieved by brown and gold lash extensions.

As it heats up we want to wear less makeup and ditch messy runny mascara that will be gone after an late day dip in the pool.I think its just natural sense to use color lashes to change up your summer lash look. Sinful Lashes color lash extensions are available in several unique color lash pallets. I worked directly with my factory to customize my die lot to create gorgeous and vibrant colors just like the brown and gold lash extensions you see featured here.

With careful lash mapping, our artists can create infinite custom combinations from natural to any array of fantasy lash extensions perfect for every costume. When our Artists and Professional Lash Extension Technicians use my mapping techniques with a combination of your creativity and our color lash pallets the sky is the limit on achieving your creative dreams.

To achieve the summer look featured above in this blog, I used a summertime sunset as the inspiration for this lash extension map set using our CC Curl in brown with gold highlights to bring out the gold flecks in my lash models eyes. Anyone can extend the lifespan of every full set of custom mapped eyelash extension by only using extension safe mascaras when they need that extra pop. Then remembering to wash your eyelash extensions with our lash bath foaming lash cleanser.

This color pallet looks beautiful on everybody.  You can purchase all of our color lash extensions in our store now!

Happy Summer Lash Babes!

Michelle Rath author and lash extension expert

Lash shedding occurs naturally in every human.   The average person has anywhere from 90-150 lashes on their top eyelid and 70-100 bottom lid lashes.

At any one time only a third of these lashes should be used to attach lashes to.  As adding lashes to a young lash could cause premature breakage or potentially damage the follicle, and adding lashes to an older longer lash will result in premature lash extension shedding of your lash extension.  Meaning, Professional Lash Artists must be fully trained to determine which lashes are just right for extensions and then have the skill to isolate those lashes that are perfect for lash extensions quickly and efficiently for extension application.

The anagen, or growth phase of your eyelash lasts 30-45 days.  Like we said above at any one time between 30 and 40 percent of your lashes are in this phase of growth. After growth stops you’ll shed between 3 and 5 natural lashes per day.  Meaning:

  • Week 1 you loose between 15 and 35 natural lashes
  • By the end of week 2 you’ll have lost between 24 and 65 lashes
  • At the end of week three you’ll have lost between 62 and 110 lashes.

Taking all of this math and biology into account, even if you have a full mega set of lashes applied and your lash artist hit early growth anagen lashes. If you only have 120 lashes, taking your natural lash shed into account, you’ll be in a pretty desperate need of another full set by the end of week three.

It’s important to note everyone sheds at different rates, and they do so for a variety of reasons.  Health, genetics, lifestyle, cleaning regiment, time spent in a pool or the ocean, heavy makeup use can all explain why your sets last a different time than your friends set.

Work with your lash artist to determine what the best timing for you is and stick to your custom lash extension schedule to maintain thick, lush and beautiful eye lashes.

Get the most out of life!

Your lash life that is!  When you consider the considerable resources we as women spend on looking our best (time, money and gas burning the ozone), why wouldn’t we want to get the most out of our beauty investment!

There are many ways to extend the life of your Sinful Lashes! The number one way to ensure a long lash life cycle is proper cleaning.

Other ways to extend your lash extension life (or the time between fills) include:

  • Application by a Sinful Lash Artist
  • Application of classic vs. mega extensions. Lighter weight extensions will hold longer, the effect may not be AS dramatic, however they will last longer and still be beautiful.
  • Use lightweight water based mascara and eyeliner and lightweight water based cleansers to remove eye makeup
  • Avoid anti-aging and night creams.  While these creams are generally part of our normal routines, keep them away from your extensions.  Many of these creams and oils will dissolve lash extension adhesives, causing premature extension shedding.
  • Don’t sleep on your face, rubbing against the pillow will tug on your extensions causing premature extension loss
  • Choose a lash extension shape that matches your natural lash shape.
  • Do not curl or tug on your extensions, be gentle when brushing using a down and out motion and if you need to curl gently use a heated lash curler.