Building Your Successful Lash Business Class

Building Your Successful Lash Business

Michelle Rath is a successful business woman who owns the Sinful Lashes – Sinful Brows brand. In this class she will share how to build a solid and successful lash/beauty business.

Building a business is like building a house, you need a foundation, flooring, beams and a roof. She shares all the blocks you need to know to build a long term, successful business.

Foundation: Starting with a business plan. Where to start, what a production plan looks like. Let’s start yours today.

Flooring: Building a website is the first step, but where to start? How do you get to the front pages of google. What is SEO?
How important are web clicks?
Website and social media. How you effectively work them to your advantage.

Beams: Follow the money. How I built an international business without taking out a business loan. How to manage your money in a way that makes sense. What the processes are that need to be in place.

Roof: When is the time to add an employee?
What you must know before you make your first hire.
What are the legalities?

Your House!
Attract more clients
Charging more
Brand identity
Invest in your staff
Build the best and forget the rest.

Enroll in our 1 day workshop and let’s start building your successful beauty business.

Cost of our 1 day workshop is $800.00 and includes a manual and lunch.
Class times are 9AM to 4PM.

Classes Are Non Refundable, But Transferable. Students Can Reschedule At No Additional Charge, Up To 10 Days Before The Scheduled Date Of The Course.