Michelle Rath

About Sinful Lashes

Sinful Lashes is a 100% Female Owned and Operated Eyelash Extension Academy and Supply store, by Michelle Rath. Established in December 2012 , Michelle started her business small by doing lashes in a leased space in Studio City, Ca. Over a short time, it became clear that she needed to expand her business and so she opened up her Studio City, Ca. Location. She has now moved to a location (in Encino, Ca.) that was specifically designed as a Retail and an Eyelash Academy and space for the Sinful Lashes Academy which also hosts classes by eyelash artists/educators from around the world. Her business has grown to a support team focused solely on her Academy and eCommerce business. The Sinful Lashes brand is known and used internationally.

While looking to continue her education, Michelle was discouraged and began to reach out to other educators in the lash community. Because of this, her passion for advanced education in eyelash extensions was born and this led her to the decision that she wanted to create a lash academy that set itself above the rest by going in depth about all aspects of the application of eyelash extensions. Sinful Lashes Eyelash Academy offers courses on Beginner Classic, Beginner Volume, Mega Volume, Styling and Lash Mapping as well as Lash Lift and Brow Lamination. Each course not only focuses on the application but also safety for clients and lash artists alike. Sinful Lashes consistently remains the premier education destination for Lash Artist to expand their knowledge and expertise by bringing cutting edge techniques to each of our Academy Course. 

When Michelle started in the eyelash extension industry, she had to purchase products from other manufacturers. Dissatisfied with the quality of products she was buying; the decision became clear that she would need to manufacture her own brand. So the research and development began. The Sinful Lashes brand is developed through extensive testing and research on all the available products on the market today.

We are constantly on the lookout for changes in our industry and the products that go along with those changes. Our Sinful Lashes eyelash extensions are made from the highest quality PBT material on the market. Our lashes are our own custom blend and each curl is made to our specifications. All of Sinful Lashes Professional Grade Eyelash Extension Adhesives are thoroughly tested for application and retention and are made from the highest quality Cyanoacrylates available on the market. They are Medical and Beauty Grade, with no industrial additives. This means every bottle of Sinful Lashes Eyelash Extension Adhesives are latex and formaldehyde free, ensuring the health of your clients and lash artists alike. Sinful Lashes Owner, Michelle Rath, travels regularly to her manufacture to customize every product in our line to bring you what she feels is the absolute highest quality products. If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it.

Our Encino, Ca Location is the home of our Elite Eyelash Extension Academy and Professional Lash Extension Supply store. Unlike other companies that have an online presence only, it was so important for us to have a physical location that allows customers to walk in and experience the products first hand. Michelle realized this after spending a sizeable amount of money on inferior product only to find out they did not suit her needs. When she envisioned The Sinful Lash Brand of Products, she also envisioned a place where customers could actually feel and hold those products.

Her passion for the industry and the camaraderie it creates for women is what drives her, and the Sinful Lashes team, every single day.


There are many options out there. Some better than others. Here’s why you should choose Sinful Lashes for your Lash Extension Training.

Michelle started her academy in late 2012 after seeing a need for quality lash extension education and not being able to find it. She has worked tirelessly to create, what she thinks, the most comprehensive lash extension training program in the industry. People travel from all over the country and world to learn from Sinful Lashes. Michelle also travels to teach her courses (Tokyo, Japan and Kauai, Hawaii to name just a couple). She has successfully trained over 1,000 working lash extension artists.

We start with luxury products. You are only as good as the quality of products you use and the information you are given. Michelle has developed every product in her line, personally traveling to her manufacturer to create and customize the blend and Curl of her lashes. Her adhesives are all modern formulas that are made from the highest quality beauty and medical grade ingredients. Our Classic and Volume Course kits are extensive and the retail value is $345.00 if you were to buy the items separately.

Because Michelle is an international speaker, and presents with the top educators around the world, it gives her the opportunity to network and learn the most up to date techniques and bring them to her students. Continuing education in this dynamic field is essential, and Michelle designs her courses to include that in her curriculum.

During the class you will be given extensive hands on time by your instructors. Our goal is to make sure everyone leaves with a comprehensive understanding of the process. When you take the courses you will be given course manuals. The manuals include everything you need to know regarding lash extensions and the products you use for lash extension services. Our manuals also include a step by step guide to starting your business, including how to make a website, understanding marketing, client acquisition and more. Our manuals are in depth and easy to follow. You will find yourself referring back to them as you progress in your business.

Our academy is located in Encino, Ca. and we offer classes on Classic Lash Extension Application and Volume/Mega Volume Lash Extension Application (this course also includes color theory and mapping). Each class is 2 days and on the 2nd day, you are given the opportunity to actually practice what you’ve learned on a model. This gives you, the student, the opportunity to lash in a “real time” environment with all the challenges that go along with that. The instructors are all currently working lash artists who see approximately 150 clients a week so the education you receive is taught by people who work in the industry.

The education doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom! We have a Sinful Lashes community support group you will be invited to join after you graduate. It’s a place to network, ask questions, share your progress etc. Sinful Lashes Lash Extension Academy offers you, the student, a lifetime of support.

Michelle, and Sinful Lashes, is invested in having the best education courses available. Your success is our success.

*(available at an additional cost, tailored to your needs and scheduled when you can take the course)