1-Day Advanced Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Training

Our 1-Day Advanced Mega Volume course covers everything you need to know to create beautiful Mega Volume lash sets in addition to EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY LASH STYLING and Color Theory. This course is specifically designed for the experienced eyelash artist trained in Classic Eyelash Extensions and Beginning Volume. This course is for those who feel comfortable applying a full classic or volume lash set within 1.5-2 hours. The cost of our 1-day training and certification is $ 800.00. Enrollment in this custom lash creation course includes our kit, certificate, manual and lunch.

In this course you will learn how to create Mega Volume lash sets using .03 and .05 Volume lashes creating 8D-16D fans. You will learn how to create beautiful seamless Mega Volume lashes with two distinctive techniques. We will also cover styling, our basket technique to create density and our reverse basket to create a wispy look.

We have also included CELEBRITY LASH STYLING. You will also learn how to create and market celebrity lash styling. Lash maps include RIHANNA, TAYLOR SWIFT, LADY GAGA, KHLOE AND KIM KARDASHIAN and more!! You will also learn how to create gorgeous lash sets using color. Learn how to create color blocking, unicorn, mermaid, rainbow lash sets and more.
The Sinful Lashes Advanced Mega Volume eyelash extension training is an action packed 1-day class. You will learn our best Sinful tricks and tips to take your eyelash extension career to the next level.

Students will require a model.

Our local classes are held in our beautiful facility in Studio City, Los Angeles, California which is home to our Lash Bar, Lash Academy and our Eyelash Extensions Product store. We also offer classes in Hawaii, as well as other locations.

Students receive plenty of one-on-one and hands-on lash application training to ensure you go home feeling confident that you can do beautiful lashes.

All students, upon graduation, become part of the Sinful Lashes community. You will have lifetime support through our online group, you will be invited to our Lash Meet Ups and specialized classes. You will receive a lifetime discount on all products and courses.

The cost of our 1-day training and certification is $ 800.00. Enrollment in this custom lash creation course includes our kit, certificate, manual and lunch.

Transfers and Rescheduling:
Classes Are Non Refundable, But Transferable. Students Can Reschedule, At No Additional Charge, Up To 10 Days Before The Scheduled Date Of The Course.

Licensing Requirements:

* Please note: Licensing requirements vary by state. It is incumbent for you to know the laws of your state before enrolling in our course. The state of California requires you to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to perform the service of eyelash extensions. Current students may take the class.

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Mega Volume and Color Theory Course Kit Includes:

  • C Curl .05 Multi Length Tray
  • CC Curl .03 Multi Length Tray
  • D Curl .03 Multi Length Tray
  • 3-Mini Color .07 Multi Length Tray’s
  • Sinful Lashes Custom Volume Tweezer
  • Sinful lashes Straight Tweezer
  • Rectangular Crystal Lash Pallet
  • 100 Fan Perfecting Cups
  • Girl Next Door Adhesive
  • Sinful Eyeliner
  • Mega Volume / Color Theory Manual
  • Certificate